Gwiyomi song lyrics

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Over a chocolate muffin
Waiting for a cup of savory milk
Oppa and I sit facing each other
And scribble on each other’s hands

Don’t look at other girls
No matter what they say
You’re mine (You’re mine)
Don’t even talk to other girls
I’m yours (I’m yours)
Please pinky promise me
That you’ll never leave me alone

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Samsung Galaxy Beam in Malaysia

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Just read The Star Newspaper and found an ad about Samsung Galaxy Beam price, RM1599.00 If you want a handy projector for presenting koleksi gambar hari raya aidilfitri during eid mubarak family gathering this phone might be an option.

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5th Anniversary of Apple Iphone

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1. The first Iphone went on sale on 29th June 2007
2. Once introduced to the world, Apple stock hits a high of $97.80 the next day
3. Instagram, Facebook and Angry Bird were the most downloaded app in Apple App Store
4. The most expensive iphone case worth $3 million

Want more? Check out this apple infographic shared by Mr. piratz

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