Salam & hello to all my dearest reader, Zaki Yamani asked me to comment anything about his blog. So I cover two things that might be helpful for him.

1. In term of technical issue - I try to access his blog directory via this address : and it show the wordpress plugins that he used. For me, letting the public know what the plug-in that we used is some kind of offering bad people to looks for the blog holes that cause a problem like attracting a lot of spammer, hackers and etc. Maybe this will help – Preventing Directory Browsing

2. In term of blog permalinks – as far as I concern putting the %date% %years% %month% will effect the search engine optimization. I’ve read in one of SEO expert article that using the date or number after the blog address will cause some difficulties to the search engine spider to understand what is the number mean about. So the best way is like this Unluckily I lost the article address for your references.

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