Salam & hello to all my dearest reader, have you paid the amount for the latest design of UPNM windbreaker? Ok, now i would like to share our latest identity cloth. Come and follow me to Suwaibah’s sports kiosk.

We have 2 design which is the white collar and red collar.

UPNM threaded at the right sleeve. This is for men.

Front look, combination of 3 main colour which is blue, dark blue and red. Refer to our logo.

This one is for girl. UPNM threaded at the left sleeve.

How about price?

Price for staff :-

  • Short sleeves (Men) RM55
  • Long sleeves (Women) Rm59.90

Price for student :-

  • Short sleeves (Men) RM55
  • Long sleeves (Women) Rm59.90

So, be proud with our organization. Buy and wear it in order to portray our support.

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