Salam & hello to all my dearest reader, this is my last post before i go to sleep. I just wonder which blog in Malaysia that have 4 digits or more in their feedburner counter. This is what i got

As far as i concern, this are the blog that have a good amount.

Liew CF – 3092 subscribers
blog about technology, review, how to and make money online

Paul Tan - 2347 subscribers
blog about automotive industry news

Syok Kahwin – 1879 subscribers
blog about gossips and entertainment news

Budiey – 1543 subscribers
blog about gossips and entertainment news

Hong Kiat – 1377 subscribers
blog about technology

xBrain – 1091 subscribers
blog about technology, vacation, shopping

Did you get an idea how to get such amount? By the way, anyone here know any blog with “good looking” feedburner counter that are not in my list? (i think some blogger doesnt show off their feedburner chicklets right?)

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