Salam & hello to all my dearest reader, i’ve found that some of the blogmas reader having a difficulties when they try to put the anti-spam words. Adar activated this anti spam plugin in order to control the massive comment that always flooded the blogmas environment.

Follow this steps if you want to drop a comment in any blog at blogmas network.

1. Fill in the particular such as name, email, website url and etc.
2. Click and hold the click at the anti-spam word section and type the word.
3. Drop your comment :D

Huhu, sori la kalau ade yang tak paham. Step dia mudah sahaja, sampai kat tempat nak isi anti-spam word tu, klik dan jangan lepas klik tu dekat tempat nak tulis dan dalam masa yang sama terus taip word anti-spam tu. Ok?

Thanks, syam

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