Salam & hello to all my dearest reader, i would like to share my personal idea in order to get your added post at Nuffnang Innit getting Nanged. Even though im not practically applied this idea but here you goes lesson number one.

Idea 1 : Tell your friends that your blog entry has been added.

As far as i concern, average time for your post being visible in the first page of innit’s latest post is below one hour. So after that your post will be at the second, third, fourth and the pages number is counting depending on the frequency of other bloggers submit their post.

So tell your friends and make sure they are members of Nuffnang Gliteratti too in order to Nang your post. In example, “hey i added a new story, please nang my post ya, thanks” then give the particular links.

By the way, make sure you know each other if you dont want to be marked as a Nuffnang Innit Spammer. Last but not least, all my recent nuffnang innit activity was gone, oh is it im benched too? If yes, what can i say, what can i do, im nothing just a part-timer blogger.

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