Salam & hello to all my dearest reader, people asked me about this regarding to my experimentation entry. Actually this is the thing that i undiscovered of inbuilt wordpress feature. Let me show you how to make auto post blog plugin entry.
First thing, let me remind you what i mean by auto post blog entry. This is not the plugin that you can setup one blog let say a blog with high paying keyword niche, then let it be as long as your blog hosting alive and the plugin keep posting and copying others blog.

What i mean by auto post blog entry here, is you make a few draft of blog entry before you outstation/vacation and etc. then it will be published at the time that you want. I mean you can setup the time and date when the entry should be published. Cool huh? So how to make that happen?

First, write your blog entry once finish set the Post Timestamp, click publish and finish! As simple as ABC right?

Try it yourself and share your experience with me ya :D  (Deen aka khatib, aku dah ada kat masjid dah time aku post entry experiment tu.)

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