Salam & hello to all my dearest reader, so many times my blog end up with the rejection after been reviewed upon the incomplete task. So it took 2 months of patient waiting for the response. Finally i got one email from well known sender which said, “Congratulations, your blog has been approved!”

I got the green light now and i hope it will encourage me to do more post/entry whether it is informative article or simply crap of the day. I will try to maintain at least 2 blog entry per week and i hope so. You know, 25 us dollar just credited to my account for this entry, nice huh? Thats the best part of blogging activity, beside you get more friends, learn new thing you also can make money online! I recommend you to read the blog ethics first.

So why i sign up to this community? yeah, as i said thats the best part of blogging and i hope i can use the money that i earn to buy something that i want :D Its up to you guys, do more less talk!

p/s want any tips from me? (if you want la) leave your message via contact form, dont worry its free of charge :D

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