Salam & hello to all my dearest reader, I publish this entry in order to help some of you to find the photos or might be video recording during the conference that has been organized by team. Please click any link below to view the pictures that has been snap from many perspective of angle by the Jom Seminar participants. Check it out.

  1. Ringgit Hit
  2. Nazha Secret
  3. Shuth Mohd Suhaimy
  4. Noorizamshah
  5. Shamsuriyadi
  6. Kak Galadriel Internet Melayu
  7. Adi Surya
  8. Kasyidi
  9. Wan Mus
  10. Team Flarebiz

If you just updated any photos that related to this event. Please let me know ya. Thanks

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