Dear reader, i am a girl whose that in decorating my house. Its name is Full House. My father build it to my family. We lives as a happy family. All the plants is made by mother.
Full House had a perfect design but seems dark and cloudy at night. Thus i thing it need more lighting around the floor and around Full House.

My mission now is to find a lighting shop that can provide my Full House a perfect light with great design. I’m not wasting mytime and go to town and find a perfect lamps. While i’m around Mid Valley, i found a perfect lamp, called Fine Art Lamps. It is a strange name but i like its design.

However, it does not match with my Full House landscape and i need to find other great lamp. I walk all around the shop and cannot make any decision. Then i went to the other lighting shop. There had much more perfect lamp design and i had a bit difficulties to make a decision. Time in time, then i found an appropriate light to my Full House, Sea Gull Lighting. Sea Gull Lighting is a traditional design lamp that had it own value.

To be continue.

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