Salam & hello to all my dearest reader, today I would like to share one useful site for appraising your domain and site. Its called DNScoop. This site will automatically give a result after you put your domain name and click “Check It” That’s all.

Comprehensive result consist of domain age, page rank, page rank validator, traffic rank, link value, inbounds link and so on. Some of you might think that the result are not good enough but yet who cares as long as this service are free, right? Ok this is my result, how about you?
Domain age : 7 months
Page rank : valid PR3
Inbounds link : 12149
Traffic rank : -
Link value : USD3/month
Site value : USD25000
Domain age : 1 year 8 months
Page rank : valid PR1
Inbound link : 15375
Traffic rank : 123586
Link value : USD10/month
Site value : USD16748

You also can put the banner which is informing your reader what is your blog/site value.

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