Salam & hello to all my dearest reader, “ABID” have you ever seen this name in my blog? He was good in giving a critics, straight to the point and honest. I like it even sometimes its too much (dan tidak sedar diri sendiri lagi bermasalah) Many people getting hurt and touched with his words especially for the sensitive person like (ehem ehem) Then i contact him via Yahoo! Messenger and ask a few questions. He reply

Question 1 : How long you have been used the internet?
Since I reach maturity, porn seems to be the magnet of my surfing intention. When? Well is should be 9 years ago roughly, but I am a lot more dedicated since 2005 when I bought my own wireless- broadband.

Question 2 : Sweet and bad memories from the internet
Sweet memories is when I get to learn how to trade in forex and learn from other trader ( even though I know they are not that professional) and my bad memories is when I register in few forum and hang out with bunch of asshole and forex wannabe.

Question 3 : What do you think about malay that blog in english?
Hmmm… pretty hard question there, it’s not that hard to answer but to understand the question needs more than average effort. I think the blog is quite interesting but it is more interesting well the topic covered is about current event, And than there more people giving out idea and view regarding the matter. This is what I called “dynamic blogging”.

Question 4 : What do you want to read from my blog?
Well if you ask me what I want to read from your blog, I really do want some piece that covered about economy, politic and social. From there I can give out a serious comment about what I think and the idea relating the issues.

Question 5 : List 3 website that you visit most
Well..i cant be truly honest.. because it involve a long list of hentai website J , but the most and routine website that I usually visit is,, and . This three website is my source of inspiration not only it give me idea but also I can learn new word and give my honest comment about things..

Abid’s comment in malaysiasun

This is abid, dont forget to slap, kick and so on if you found him. He deserved for it.

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