Salam & hello to all my dearest reader, im back from my 10 days eid mubarak holiday. Now i need to spend 2-3 hours (it can be 4 or 6) to check my inbox, social networking profiles, latest news, stories and entries from my fellow blogger but i have a law test and human resource information system presentation on tuesday. Nevermind, lets check out what they wrote recently?

1. On 11th October 2007, reached its bandwidth, thanks to sebol.
2. Robin van Persie injured for a month, luckily arsenal won their match against Bolton Wanderes last night.
3. Pay Rm11 for Rm10 valued celcom, maxis or digi prepaid? Abdfatah said, its time to change.
4. How your blogging workspace lookalike? Is it elegant like budiey?
5. Hafreze list down 10 blogs he read at least twice a day. My blog included, thanks bro.
6. Did you promote your blog during eid mubarak? Mohdismail’s friend did.
7. Why newbie failed to make money online? Noorizamshah share his thought.
8. Selamat hari raya mardbluerush, afdlinshauki selamba kodok & maizul.
9. We always forget about adsense, but google not like nadzal said.
10. Keep it up megat, what happen recently dude?
11. We need more beautiful theme for our wordpress right? Azlina, could you ask ‘if-ever’ to develop one for wordpress user?
12. Zamrinanyan, abang ya kirim salam, bila nak karaoke lagi?
13. Dr. Sheikh Muzaphar – a real waste?
14. Have you tried push-up underwear? Read this review by kenny.
15. Nak duit raya sket boleh tak imran?

Ok thats all for now, i need to prepare for the ‘row call’ and for those who are searching for gambar forensik nurin jazlin jazimin, im sorry its already deleted from my inbox. Thanks, wasalam.

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