Salam & hello to all my dearest reader, today I would like to share my personal list for things to do when I cant online. Haha, I think getting online is part of my things to do now and its kinda bored when you open your laptop but cannot surf the internet.

Ok, this are the things you can do when you don’t have internet connection

1. Cooking - cook something then enjoy the meal by yourself or invite your friends and what so ever.

2. Read a book - it doesn’t mean you need to open your academic book make a revision and bla bla bla..just read any book that you think is good and informative.

3. Clean your computer – ya, its time to clean up your hardware. Clean the monitor screen, organize the wiring and layout.

4. Remove unnecessary files - haha, remove any junk files from your hardisk. Any 3gps, movies, mp3 songs, corrupted files or hidden files that you leave behind, simply press delete

5. Have a ride – like me i stay in a village, so its good to me to have a ride with my motorcycle and searching for girl :P

6. Exercise – why not you go for jog, or any healthy activities at least for 20 minutes. Its good right?

7. Update your profile – I know some of you have many account whether for social networking, social bookmarking site and so on. Why not you login to your account and put some useful info. Oh, sorry I forgot that we don’t have internet connection rite? haha..

8. Watch latest movie – neither you have a torrent client or pay some amount to gsc, tgv, odeon etc. (have you watch CJ7, Stephen Chow movie?)

9. Call your friends - I got a special gift from celcom for my birthday. Sms and call anyone in your 8px for free in 7days!

10. Housekeeping your blog – why not check your past entry, update the blog archives, check spelling error and so on. more time we don’t have any internet connection!

This are mine, how about you?

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