Salam & hello to all my dearest reader, this entry is dedicated to all die hard, fanatic and extremist epl fans. I have make some small interview to my friends and the question is why you love arsenal fc, chelsea fc and machester united fc? I ask them to give 5 short answer spontaneously.

Why i love arsenal fc?afham
1. Got Thiery Henry played
2. Got French player – patrick viera, pires, henry, cliche
3. Brilliant arsene wenger
4. Powerful young squad
5. Arsenal produce a star, not buy the star

Why i love liverpool fc?awqi_zar
1. Got loyal creative midfielder, steven gerard
2. Stable club every season
3. The only team can beat chelsea, arsenal & manchester united
4. Win against chelsea during champion league
5. All rounder player team

Why i love chelsea fc? – abe scandal
1. Got shevchenko and ballack
2. Critical decison by jose maurinho
3. one touch play
4. Speed demon (joe cole, arjen robben)
5. All star team

Why i love manchester united? – zul doraemon
1. Got cristiano ronaldo
2. I like their jersey
3. Red is my favourite colour
4. Teamplay, flank attacking
5. Superb tackle by paul scholes

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