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Articles on developer productivity and experience.


How Etsy Justified Their DevEx Investment

Mike Fisher

Etsy invested 20% of their engineering capacity toward a multi-year developer experience initiative. Learn about how they justified their investment.

Inside Extend’s Journey of Rolling Out a Git and Jira Metrics Tool

Matthew Schrepel

Matthew Schrepel, Head of Developer Experience at Extend, shares their organization’s journey of rolling out a Git and Jira metrics solution, and the problems that ensued.

How LinkedIn Analyzes Developer Survey Data

Max Kanat-Alexander

Learn how LinkedIn focuses on personas to analyze and understand their developer survey data.

Lessons Learned From Introducing a Git Metrics Tool

Laura Tacho

Laura Tacho, former engineering director at CloudBees, shares her experience of rolling out a Git metrics solution within their company.

How To Get Buy-in for DevEx Initiatives: Strategies From GitHub, Notion, and More

Jim Wang, Thansha Sadacharam, Willie Yao, Mike Fisher

Opportunities to improve DevEx may seem obvious, yet getting executive buy-in can be difficult. Here, leaders at GitHub, Notion, and Etsy describe how to successfully get buy-in.

Three-Bucket Framework for Engineering Metrics

Abi Noda

A framework for determining what engineering metrics you should be tracking.

Inside Peloton’s Developer Experience Survey

Thansha Sadacharam

Get an in-depth look at how Peloton's developer experience survey works. This article details their process from survey design to communication to roll out.

Pitfalls of Tracking Developer Activity Metrics

Bryan Finster

The former founder of Walmart’s DevOps program shares his experience adopting individual developer activity metrics.

How Shopify’s Infrastructure Team Defined Their Charter

Mark Côté

Learn how Shopify’s Developer Infrastructure team defined their charter, and how they’ve operationalized it across their various streams of work.

Etsy’s Former CTO: How To Advocate for DevEx Initiatives

Mike Fisher

Etsy’s former CTO, Mike Fisher, shares his strategies for successfully advocating for DevEx initiatives.

Measuring Developer Activity: What the Research Says

Abi Noda

Thinking about developer metrics? Learn about what the research says about measuring individual activity metrics such as number of commits or pull requests.

How LinkedIn Measures Developer Productivity

Brook Perry

Learn about how LinkedIn uses three different modes of measurement to get a complete view of developer productivity.

Choosing What to Measure in Your Developer Experience Survey

Erinn Schaal

The topics to measure and how to measure them with your developer experience survey.

Inside Etsy’s Multi-Year DevEx Initiative

Mike Fisher

How Etsy landed on the term DevEx, the four pillars of their program, and how the work was implemented.

Growing Your Influence as a Developer Acceleration Team

Jonathan Biddle

Jonathan Biddle shares the lessons he’s learned from startups that have helped his team find repeat success.

The Case for Investing 50% of R&D Spend in Platform Engineering Work

Jean-Michel Lemieux

Former Shopify CTO describes how he defines platform engineering work and why it’s so often under-invested in.

Setting Realistic Deadlines at Divvy

Bruce Weller

Bruce Weller, VP of Engineering at Divvy (acquired by, describes best practices for setting clear and realistic deadlines.

Quick Tips for Setting and Hitting Deadlines From DroneDeploy

Olya Royall

Olya Royall shares tactics engineering managers can use to make sure a team's workflows and estimates don't get in the way of hitting deadlines.

Practices for Effective Cross-Team Collaboration in Engineering

Nahi Ojeil

Nahi Ojeil, VP of Engineering at CaptivateIQ, outlines the principles he’s established to facilitate collaboration between engineering teams.

How I Revamped Farewill’s Documentation System

Kaitlyn Tierney

Kaitlyn Tierney describes the steps she took to rebuild Farewill's documentation system, including their structure, templates, and the promotion of a culture of contribution.

How to Champion Investments to Improve Documentation

Aaron Suggs

Aaron Suggs gives practical advice for spearheading investments in improving documentation — from defining goals, to knowing where to start, to maintaining momentum.

How Canonical Systematically Improves Developer Documentation

Daniele Procida

An efficient documentation process makes it easy for developers to contribute. Here, Daniele Procida shares specific steps teams can take to streamline doc writing.

Motivating Developers to Care About Documentation

Paulo André

Paulo André on shifting an engineering organization’s culture through a renewed commitment writing and contributing to docs.