6 Ways to Make Your Blog Content Engaging and Delightful


Are you ready to impress your blog readers, rank in search engines, and increase social shares of your content for more exposure? Sharing compelling blog posts that resonate with your target audience, solving unique problems, is a surefire way to increase brand awareness and drive quality leads to your brand.

Because your blog positions you as an expert in your industry, builds thought leadership, builds trust with your audience, and is an essential part of your inbound marketing strategy, it’s important to regularly post blog content to increase exposure and engage your viewers. You want to generate results with your blog, whether for shares, to capture leads, or to initiate a conversation through comments.

There are steps you can take to ensure that your blog posts meet your desired goals while keeping readers interested in your content. Check out these six tips for creating amazing blog content…every time!

#1 Speak directly to your target audience

When writing your blog posts, write as if you are speaking. directly to them. Use the same conversational tone as if it were a face-to-face interaction. Your audience wants to identify with you and yearns for the authenticity of your content. Delivering your message in a way that fosters relationships and connections gives you that competitive edge.

The best approach to creating blog posts that speak to your target audience is developing buyer personas, a process that helps narrow down your ideal client, providing a clear picture of exactly who your client is and the difficulties, challenges, questions and obstacles they face. The goal of your blog content is to be “the answer” to solving these problems, positioning your brand as a “go-to source” in your niche.

#2 Include the best on-page SEO tactics

Implementing good SEO practices dramatically improves your search engine rankings and visibility to potential customers. The good news is that you can easily integrate these tactics for better search visibility. Use the following as a checklist to better on-page SEO tips:

  • Use a long-tail keyword and a keyword that your audience is actively searching for
  • Include your keyword in the first 100 words
  • Start the title tag with your keyword
  • Use SEO optimized URLs
  • Take advantage of outbound links to related pages
  • Don’t forget to add 2-3 of your own links in your post
  • Use your keyword for your image file name, alt tag, title, description and caption.
  • To aim long content 1500 words or more… it works better on Google

#3 Ramp-up of visuals

Posts with an image once every 75-100 words got double the number of social shares than posts with fewer images (Source: hubspot). Another route to amazing blog content is to use visuals to complement your text to enrich the website experience. Instead of sharing detailed data, embed an infographic that easily conveys the message. Use images to make your content colorful and engaging.

Finally, including videos is a winning strategy for quickly capturing the attention of your viewers and inspiring them to take action. Using a variety of visual content helps you connect with different learning styles and preferences, expanding your reach and influence.

#4 Create Matching Content Offers

A killer tactic to increase prospect conversion rates with your content strategy is to have a core offering (i.e. e-book, checklist, white paper, video series) that matches your blog content. You see, your viewers are already interested in the topic they are reading. Why not have a lead magnet that matches content your reader is already engaged in to add value, enrich their experience, and increase your subscribers in the process? Quality-rich sites like Co-planning and back link are known for offering downloadable content sets that delve deeper into the subject for better understanding and implementation.

Especially for your popular blog posts, create a main content offering that supports the post your audience is reading. If the topic is “10 Ways to Grow Delicious Tomatoes,” your main magnet might be a cookbook or list of recipes that use tomatoes as the main ingredient.

#5 Ask for a commitment

Did you know that email subscribers are 3 times more likely share your content via social media than visitors from other sources? Plus, by leaving a call-to-action (CTA) in your blog post telling viewers what to do next, you dramatically increase responsiveness or click-through rates.

Therefore, just ask for a commitment. When sharing your blog posts with your list, use a plugin like Click to tweet that encourages followers to post your content to their social networks. In the blog post itself, be sure to give clear instructions that take viewers to the next step. You’ll be amazed at how much more this simple request can engage viewers with your post.

#6 Take advantage of interactive content

It is said that interactive content is the future of content marketing (Source: Jeff Bullas)! The benefits of leveraging interactive content are manifold, including attracting your audience, increasing site traffic, and improving conversion rates. These engaging pieces of content keep people on your site longer, improving SEO rankings.

Consider adding interactive content types such as quizzes, polls, games, calculators, and interactive slideshows to enhance your blog. Surveys are great because you can use this data for market research to improve your strategy and customer experience.

Maintaining a blogging cadence is key to attracting new visitors to your site and increasing brand awareness. Use this checklist to strengthen your inbound marketing strategy, boost your online presence and get viewers to react to your content. Having it nearby during your blog building process will help you post content that will resonate with your ideal market and drive user engagement.


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