A spooky new horror subgenre


Universal Picture’s new horror-thriller looks oddly familiar, but with a technological twist. The official trailer for M3GAN shows a terrifying new movie that is made of nightmares. The film appears to be a reimagining of the murderous horror doll trope made popular by the Chucky and Annabelle franchises. However, this time around it’s a robot doll that goes wild being an absolute creep show. The official M3GAN trailer is disturbing, annoying and looks like a lot of fun!

Picture via Universal Pictures.

In the trailer, we find out that M3GAN actually stands for “Model 3 Generative Android”. When a robotics engineer (Allison Williams) creates a robot to keep her newly orphaned niece company, essentially an emotional support doll, nothing can go wrong, can it? Of course not! The android develops a close relationship with the niece, Kady (Violet McGraw). Maybe too close.

Inevitably, M3GAN takes his order to protect Kady too literally, and it all hits the fan. The official trailer for M3GAN is quite thrilling. While it starts off very sweet, it very quickly escalates into a quirky, psychotic, completely offbeat story that I can’t wait to see! Produced by Blumhouse and horror filmmaker James Wan, the film seems like an amazing entry into the horror genre. Especially considering the story comes from screenwriter Akela Cooper, who also penned the story for Malignant, one of the biggest horror films of that year.

What’s super fun about the trailer is also how scary it is. Murder dolls are not a new genre of horror. Chucky and Wan’s own aforementioned Annabelle franchise are prime examples of similar ideas realized before. But M3GAN also combines all of this with the greatest killer tropes of artificial intelligence. Like Hal 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey or all the robots from the Terminator franchise.

But M3GAN’s genius combines all of these tropes and personifies them all into the body of one pretty young girl. Not to mention she’s also sassy AF. The actual M3GAN android looks harmless enough to be sweet, but also scary enough to be an instant classic. The weird dance in the trailer is absolutely going to become an iconic GIF. I can just see it now.

M3GAN hits theaters on January 13, 2023.

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