Airbnb just launched new safety features for solo travelers


The pandemic has changed everything about daily life, including the way people work and travel. More people are working from home than ever. Similarly, people were unable to move during the various periods of confinement impacting national and international travel. As a result, those who can work from home might want to travel alone, and Airbnb has already noticed a significant increase in the number of solo travelers. That’s why Airbnb announced new security features that will be available in the app for single-person stays.

The company said in a blog post that the “live anywhere” phenomenon has taken off in recent years. People who can work remotely tend to travel alone, says Airbnb. Internal data showed that 26% of all nights booked in 2021 were from solo travellers. In addition, more than 50% of nights booked for long-term stays in the first quarter of 2022 were for solo travellers.

That’s why Airbnb has designed new safety features to improve the safety of people traveling alone to a new location.

Airbnb’s new security features

The blog explains that Airbnb’s Trust team has been working on the new product since last year. The result is a new experience integrated into Solo Traveler that will highlight new safety features for people traveling alone.

It all starts when an Airbnb solo traveler books a private or shared room. The application activates the specialized user interface, which will bring up various features.

The app will feature an expert advice menu where solo travelers will receive information on how to stay safe when traveling alone.

Airbnb’s new security features for solo travelers. Image source: Airbnb

There’s also a new share button, which lets single travelers share everything about their Airbnb stay with others with just a tap. The shared menu will include the listing address, booking code, and check-in and check-out dates.

The app will trigger another security feature once the Airbnb host confirms a reservation. Airbnb will offer suggested questions to the host so guests can learn more about where they’re going.

The new security features, seen in the screenshots above, will initially be available to English-speaking customers. In addition, it will be available for reservations for private rooms or shared spaces. Airbnb plans to bring the security features to more countries and languages ​​and support entire home listings.

Other useful emergency functions

In addition to the new security features, Airbnb reminds guests that it has implemented other security features that are available to all users. The 24-hour Safety Line is available to all travelers during their stay. The security line will provide customers with direct access to trained security guards.

Additionally, Local Emergency Services is an in-app feature that allows all users to contact local emergency services with just one touch.

Finally, users can add an emergency contact to their profile, which Airbnb can use in case of an emergency.


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