Americans with X passports should be denied entry to other countries



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EVANGELIST Franklin Graham, above, found something new to hate: “ungodly” passports for Americans who identify as non-binary.

Reacting to news that America has approved passports with an X-marker, the Trump-loving fanatic has called on countries to turn back anyone with a gender-neutral passport.

According to that report, Graham said on Facebook:

I hope countries will refuse to recognize this passport and refuse the person carrying it in their country. The State Department is wrong. It is neither the truth nor the science. We only have two genders: Male and Female.

Gender X isn’t just nonsense, it goes against God. The State Department turns the US passport into a joke, let alone display God.

He closed his post by asking his followers to:

Pray that those who run our government will regain their sanity, or be removed from their posts.

Write for LGBTQNation, Alex Bollinger said:

What Graham is asking is that countries refuse to accept an official U.S. document as proof of identity and nationality, causing foreign nations to disrespect the U.S. government in advancing its political agenda because his party lost the 2020 election.

Several other countries such as Canada, New Zealand, and Pakistan already issue passports with gender markers beyond M and F, and the United States did not even have gender markers on passports before. 1977.

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A federal judge ruled in 2019 that the United States must issue a passport to Dana Zzyym, above – who is intersex and non-binary – without an M or F gender marker after years of litigation.

Zzyym was the first person to be issued in the United States. passport with a gender X marker on Wednesday, and said:

I almost burst into tears when I opened the envelope, pulled out my new passport and saw the “X” boldly stamped under “gender.” I’m also excited that other intersex and non-binary US citizens will soon be able to apply for passports with the correct gender marker.

It took six years, but having an accurate passport, a passport that does not require me to identify myself as a man or a woman but recognizes that I am neither, is liberating.

Arli Christian of the American Civil Liberties Union, the organization’s campaign strategist, is also ecstatic, who said:

Today is a milestone for the United States as the State Department issues the first passport with an “X” designation, and we are very happy that soon all transgender, intersex and non-binary people will be able to access a precise marker on their passport.

The ACLU will continue to work with the Biden administration to make gender-accurate markers available on IDs and records across the federal government.

In January, the ACLU launched a six-figure campaign – the largest ever to target LGBTQ rights for the federal government – to urge the Biden administration to issue an executive order on accurate federal ID in all cases. federal agencies.

Nearly 100,000 Americans have contacted the White House to support the executive order, which is also backed by a coalition of more than 80 rights organizations and several congressional offices.

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