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“Inventive Intentions” is certainly a good description of Dan’s type of bowl shooting. All of his pieces come from trees felled during summer storms, either on their farm or in nearby wooded areas. “The individual wooden blocks provide the inspiration as well as the boundaries for each bowl,” Dan said. “Usually I’m well into shaping the bowl before the final shape and size emerges.” The splendor of Dan’s works lies in the myriad of shapes and colors possible from a single block of wood.

Joyce Halvorson – Forged Steel

Joyce got hooked on blacksmithing 30 years ago when she took a horseshoe class and learned how to take a simple steel bar and turn it into a horseshoe. With a natural curiosity about how things are done, her first question is often, “What else can I do?” Over the years, that original question has expanded to encompass a new one: “How else can I do this?” As a blacksmith, Joyce forges many items including bottle openers, hooks, handles, and more. – both for personal use and as custom work for his clients. “When I take a blank piece of steel or copper and heat it, hammer it and shape it into a functional work of art – and in doing so I am able to answer both questions – it gives me great satisfaction and joy,” Joyce said. .

Brian Hall – Furniture Maker

Brian constructs his furniture primarily from salvaged materials. Much of this wood comes from renovation projects he does for his construction company, as well as branches and slabs from the woods around his house. Wood framing appeals to him in the same way as furniture making – the process is challenging and fulfilling, and the product is both functional and beautiful. “I think it’s probably a Midwestern mindset to always focus on practicality; it doesn’t necessarily reduce the aesthetic,” Brian said. “Furniture and timber frames can embody both of these philosophies.”

Originally from the Netherlands, Han earned a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Immunology from the University of Amsterdam. In 2001 he moved to Wisconsin and worked as a neuroscientist. As a self-taught artist, Han views performing art as a personal pursuit that involves responses to his career as a scientist. “I wonder how art can be relevant to someone else and are there any limits when it’s called ‘not art’,” Han said. “My goal is to show others what I see, not precisely what I saw.” His paintings, mixed media objects and sculptures and installations (neo-DADA) are all manifest of his creative work. Han considers himself a material artist (eg Burri, Calder, Wagemaker, Tinguely and Rauschenberg) and is always on the lookout for associations and compositions using paint, wood, canvas, artifacts and old objects.

A freelance travel writer, photographer and former flight attendant, Autumn has the distinction of visiting 30 countries, 48 ​​states and 5 continents – before her 30th birthday! She majored in English Literature and during her final semester lived in England while studying for a major in Creative Writing. With her backpack and her Nikon camera, she spent her weekends traveling in 13 European countries. After graduating, she got the opportunity to be a flight attendant. “I was able to combine my busy life of flying and blogging on the side, while having my beloved camera strapped to my hip throughout my adventures,” Autumn said. While she loved flying, she wanted to explore other travel opportunities and so became a travel agent and travel design manager. “My experiences have taken me to many different places in life, but my one true love has always been travel photography,” Autumn said.

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