Audi wants to “surprise” with its potential entry into Formula 1


Rumors of Audi’s potential entry into Formula 1 have been swirling for months. Not only that, but rumors of partnerships between Audi and existing F1 teams have also surfaced. There was even a bizarre announcement that Audi was buying McLaren completely, which McLaren immediately denied. However, recent news seems to suggest that Audi is entering F1, along with its brother Porsche, the VW Group, and a partnership between another brand is not ruled out.

“We want to surprise with our motorsport projects,” said Oliver Hoffman, Audi development director in a conversation with Sport1. The main reason for Audi’s potential entry into F1 is that the FIA ​​appears ready to change its rules to make its cars more efficient, with a push for more electrification.

Hoffman spoke about it a bit, speaking with Sport1. “The FIA ​​made some good decisions about the future of Formula 1 and last season was also very interesting. But now we are focusing on the Dakar and Le Mans for now.

Sport1 also indicated that Audi still has an interest in buying a stake in McLaren, both for its on-road supercar technology and its expertise in Formula 1. How much Audi is willing to buy, or how much McLaren is ready to sell, yet to be determined. Autocar’s initial story from November said that Audi had bought the entire company, so I guess such an acquisition is not ruled out. However, there is no evidence that such a deal will happen just yet.

Until then, Audi Sport will focus most of its energy on Dakar and Le Mans. “The Dakar makes sense to us as a brand because of its innovative and progressive driving concept. We travel long distances through the desert with electric motors and an energy converter (two-liter four-cylinder turbo from DTM). said Hoffmann.

“From 2023, we will also take part in Le Mans again (with an LMDh prototype in the Hypercar category). We will see what will happen in the future.

[Source: Sport1]


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