Audi’s entry into Formula 1 is getting closer and closer: “We want to surprise”


For months, there have been growing rumors that Audi and Porsche will make their debut in Formula 1. Parent company Volkswagen reportedly announced as early as this month that it wanted to supply engines to various teams.


Audi and Porsche have not (yet) announced in the media whether or not they intend to enter Formula 1. On the sidelines of the Dakar Rally – in which Audi won the eighth stage today – Oliver Hoffmann , director of development, was asked about an imminent adventure in the highest category of motorsport.

Hoffman did not deny according to Autobild not. “We want to surprise with our motorsport projects“, he said. In doing so, Hoffmann cited that participation in Dakar makes sense due to the innovative and progressive car concept that Audi can deploy there. In addition, the German brand will participate in Le Mans again in 2023, also with a prototype. “We will see what will happen in the future” he said.


In other words: Audi only embarks on innovative projects. Formula 1 is always innovative and plans to introduce renewable fuels as well as a new generation of hybrid engines, which run even more on electricity. It could be attractive to Audi. “The FIA ​​has made some good decisions regarding Formula 1 “, Hoffmann believes.


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