BABYMETAL shares new single ‘Divine Attack-Shingeki’


BABYMETAL unveiled the first single from their upcoming concept album THE OTHER.

The song, dubbed “Divine Attack-Shingeki”, takes a slightly different path to typical BABYMETAL songs by opting for a heavier post-hardcore sound rather than their dance-centric metal style. The song marks their first single since “BxMxC” in 2020.

The song also introduces the album’s ambitious concept. The press release states that BABYMETAL was “sealed” from the world after a 10-year journey and was finally retrieved into the virtual “METALVERSE” in April 2022 via “THE OTHER ONE Restoration Project”.

The restoration project uncovered 10 songs, each “representing a unique theme based on 10 distinct parallel worlds”. “Divine Attack – Shingeki” is based on one of the worlds dubbed “CAVALRY”, which alludes “to a cavalry preparing for its next battle”.

Check out the single below.

BABYMETAL will release four more pre-release singles in the coming months, in November, January, February and March respectively. Pre-order THE OTHER here.

Following the release of the album, BABYMETAL will join Sabaton on their UK/European tour in April and May. Find all their dates here.


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