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Billie Eilish and John Mayer are popular artists for new music lovers. (Jarrett Whitener / Community Impact Journal)

Six and a half years ago, Blaine Pendergraff started selling records in his garage but was looking to open his own retail space. After moving to different locations in the area, he settled into his location at The Alley on Bitters last year.

Pendergraff said collecting records has been his passion since he was a child and he was trying to build his Beatles collection. Opening Batcave Vinyl was a way for him to share his passion with others while helping customers develop their collections, he said.

“I collect all types of records,” Pendergraff said. “I collect all kinds of things. My thing was The Beatles and chasing that coveted butcher’s blanket. I finally acquired one last year.

Over the past year, Batcave Vinyl’s business has improved from previous locations, he said. The store receives regular customers who are building their collections and new customers who want to find something from their favorite artist.

Pendergraff prides itself on the variety of records in its store. While many stores carry specific genres, Batcave Vinyl has a bit of everything. Fans of new music can find tracks by Billie Eilish and John Mayer, while fans of more classic hits can find tracks by Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and many intermediate artists.

“Like 99% of my records are first original presses,” Pendergraff said. “I usually don’t have any re-releases or remasters or anything like that. The younger ones have started asking for some of this stuff, so I order some for them. Many of these limited versions are sold within the first week of arriving at Batcave Vinyl. “

As avid record collectors visit the store, Pendergraff said he wants new collectors looking for something specific to come and enjoy the collecting experience.

“For new people, just buy what you like,” Pendergraff said. “Especially now, because a lot of individual artist records are limited editions, and they sell out fast. Next thing you know, those $ 20 or $ 30 records are [worth] $ 100. It saves you a lot of trouble if you go ahead and get it before it sells out.

In addition to collecting and selling records, Batcave Vinyl also has a collection of concert and band posters, a selection of comics, collectible toys, and autographs that may appeal to other types of collectors.

In the years to come, Pendergraff hopes to continue to expand its collection and meet more people who love records and music.

“December of last year was great,” said Pendergraff. “I had people coming all the time and I met some great people. If I could replicate what I did last year then it will be a good year and I hope to continue that way. “

Batcave vinyl

555 W. Bitters Road, Ste. 122, Saint-Antoine


Hours: Mon-Fri, 12 pm-6pm, Sat 11 am-6pm, closed Sun.



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