Bell raises ‘unlimited’ plan entry price to $85, matching Rogers and Telus


Bell has raised the entry price of its “unlimited” data plans to $85 per month for 25GB of data, matching rivals Rogers and Telus.

This change now makes the starting price of an “unlimited” data plan $85 per month, although Bell still has a promotional $80/30GB plan available for new activations only.

Here’s what the wireless landscape looks like so far for unlimited plans from Rogers, Telus, and Bell:

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Telus and Rogers recently increased the starting price of their “unlimited” plans to $85 with 25 GB of data.

Telus also introduced speed caps for its unlimited plans last week. The $85/25GB plan has speeds “up to 250 Mbps”, while the $90/40GB and $100/50GB plans have speeds “up to 1 Gbps”.

Koodo also saw speed plans introduced:

  • Data plans of 3 GB or less: up to 3 Mbps
  • Data plans up to 12 GB: up to 100 Mbps

As these starting “unlimited” data plans increase in price, more data is offered. But higher prices allow operators to increase average revenue per user, which is a valuable indicator for investors.

Are you on an unlimited data plan? How much data do you use each month?

Updated February 23, 2022: When reached for comment, a Bell spokesperson declined to comment on the price changes.


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