Chevrolet Groove Boosts Fan Support By Creating A Whole New Kind Of Music: ME-Pop


Every ride needs the right soundtrack to keep your engine running, and memorable automotive companions like Chevrolet even share the limelight at iconic tracks. Whether it’s driving this Chevrolet to the seawall, down old country roads, with Snoop Dog or Taylor Swift, or to a love that will last, music and Chevrolet go hand in hand like steering and suspension. Today, the American car manufacturer is stepping up its musical activity in the Middle East.

Chevrolet Groove, the all-new compact SUV arriving in the region later this year, stepped in to give new impetus to the local music scene, creating a whole new genre of music in collaboration with some of the region’s top talent. Bringing together 12 eclectic and entirely original artists from the Arab world, Chevrolet Groove is releasing an album of its signature ME-Pop sound, titled Find Your Groove, which will soon be available on your favorite music streaming platforms.

SUVs often offer drivers tech features or an affordable price, but the Chevrolet Groove goes against the trend, with cutting edge features starting from the base trim. This unusual combination served as the inspiration for the album which challenged musicians with their own unique groove to collaborate and create something new.

Big Hass, radio host and music blogger, said: “The regional music scene is constantly evolving, but this is the first time that we have brought together such prestigious talented artists and challenge them to collaborate and create a whole. new kind of music. When Chevrolet pitched the idea to us, we were excited about the opportunity to create something new to take the sound of the region to the next level and we believe that the best way to achieve this is collaboration.

“The Groove is a young, fun and exciting SUV, bringing a new dynamic to the region with its technological offer and its affordable price. As Groove carves out a unique place in the automotive mix, we were thrilled to work with these talented musicians to create an album as unique as inspiration. Chevrolet has always been a part of pop culture, starring in movies and music, but now we’re taking a step forward to help shape pop culture in real time with the launch of the soon-to-be-glued-in. Header ME-Pop Album. We can’t wait to show you more! said Sharon Nishi, director of marketing, General Motors Middle East and Africa.

Spotlight on talent

The album, made up of six vibrant tracks, brings together established and up-and-coming talent, from pop artists to grunge and rappers, to reinvent the sound of the Middle East. Track 1 is available now, followed by the rest of the singles releasing throughout November, with the full album coming out in early December, so keep an eye (and an ear!) Tuned.

Track 1: Balash Ana by Flipperachi pi. Carmen Soliman

Bahraini hip-hop artist Flipperachi meets the sweet tone of Egyptian singer Carmen Soliman in this one-song firecracker. Eye-catching and full of life, Flipperachi seamlessly switches between artful lyrics in Arabic and English, as Carmen hits every note. From the first beat, you’ll want to get up and shake up your groove thing.

Produced by none other than DJ Outlaw, the Bahrain-born producer who was instrumental in establishing Khaleeji’s hip-hop scene, this mash-up is now live.

Track 2: Jamila El Badaoui and Abd El Fattah Grini

You will recognize the voice of Moroccan superstar pop princess Jamila El Badaoui from the first note and in track 2 she will create a mind-blowing mash-up with her compatriot and power-ballad-belter, Grini.

Track 3: Seedo Simba and Mazmars pi. Sheme

The leading Afrobeat Arab duo on the local music scene, Seedo Simba and Mazmars bring their upbeat vibes and cheerful tunes to track 3, mixed with the sweet ballads of one of the most successful Saudi artists of the digital age, Sheme.

Track 4: Mojo and Dr Slim

Fresh and fierce Arabian pop sensation Mojo meets lyrical rap magician Dr Slim in track 4. An exciting mix of rap and pop mixes perfectly together to create something you can dance and sing along to.

Track 5: Bahjat pi. Amal El Maghrabi

Libyan Bahjat brings his indie touch to pop to collaborate with Amal Al Maghrabi, who won the hearts of millions of Saudis on Ya Ein.

Track 6: Remix of track 1 by Mark Shakedown

Time for one more reminder? Mark Shakedown, DJ and chart-topping music producer, will remix Track 1 to give it his distinct musical flair to close the album.

Listen to the first track of the Find Your Groove ME-Pop album on all music streaming platforms and find out more about the Groove itself on Chevrolet Arabia.


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