Chrome 99 released with Canvas 2D improvements and other developer features


We are now at a build of Chrome 100, but before that Chrome 99 is now available which brings a number of important additions for developers.

Chrome 99 is especially exciting for developers with support for a number of new APIs and other changes for rich web development and more interactive web experiences. Some of the new features in Chrome 99 include:

– HTML input elements now have a showPicker() method to display a browser’s picker for input elements such as colors, files, time, etc. This showPicker() support is long overdue!

– Chrome 99 adds a handwriting recognition API that can use handwriting recognition services provided by the underlying operating system.

– International enumeration API

– New functionality for the Canvas 2D API for context loss/restore events, a reset function, tapered gradients, better support for SVG filters, and other improvements.

– CSS cascading layers add a structured way to organize and balance concerns within a same-origin to have some cascading order for the same-origin rules appropriately.

– CSS calc() math function now allows infinity and NaN values.

Check for more information on new features in Chrome 99.

The Chrome Release blog has additional details, including a number of security fixes found in this release.


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