Clubhouse launches new features to improve user experience


The Clubhouse social audio app launched two new features designed to improve user experience in the latest app update.

The announcement:

With updates coming straight from the Clubhouse blog, the social audio industry is rolling out updates to their app, including web listening and sharing on Clubhouse.

Web listening

Web Listening allows anyone to listen to a Clubhouse room from their phone or laptop, without the need to download an app or log in!

For starters, this will work for both replays and live rooms with replays enabled, and will include support for most major browsers. If users find it useful, Clubhouse plans to expand support to cover more room types, more countries, and more parts of the full Clubhouse experience over time.

Share on Clubhouse

Now when you press the “Share” button at the bottom of a room (or Replay), you will see three options: Share on Clubhouse, Share via social network, or Copy link to share via messaging app. If you select Share on Clubhouse, you will be able to add a comment (for example, “This person is rapping people’s bio and it’s crazy”) and then share it with your followers. They will see this room in their hallway, and if the room is live, will also be notified that you have shared it so they can come join you.

With this release, Clubhouse also gives creators more tools to understand how their rooms behave by kicking off the shares and clips count at the bottom of the room – and the start of a new room info page. For starters, creators will only be able to see their part’s shares, but we’ll add more information over time.

Source: Thrive PR


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