Crumbl Cookie customer notices ‘unusual entry’ on receipt


A CRUMBL Cookie customer hit out after claiming the company automatically added a $2 tip to their bill.

Lawrence Kim took to TikTok after questioning his $8 charge for one of the popular treats.


Lawrence Kim questioned his $8 charge for one of the cookiesCredit: TikTok / @asianchowdown

The food influencer who blogs under the handle @asianchowdown said: “So I got a notification on Apple that I spent about eight dollars on a Crumbl cookie for a cookie.

“So I was checking my Apple history and it says they automatically put a $2 tip.

“I’m like, ‘what did you do to deserve this?'”

His video has now been viewed over 300,000 times.


But some of his followers were quick to point out that they thought it was Kim’s fault.

One said it was ‘nobody’s fault but you are the owner’ adding: ‘Check what you are paying for. Don’t just press pay.’

Others supported Kim, with one viewer writing, “Tipping is going crazy.”

Another said: ‘As a waitress I feel like only waitresses or people who do personal services should be tipped.’


Kim later said The daily point he has lived in Los Angeles all his life and said automatic tipping “is only common in restaurants where you usually have a table of about 6 to 8”.

He added, “That’s not common for a self-service cookie shop.”

Crumbl Cookie responded to her video, writing, “Hi! You can tip $0, but you’re initially signed up, which is common for food and drink.

“Each Crumbl is privately owned, so the baker’s salary may differ.”

The Sun has contacted the company for additional comment.

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