Dead Sara shares new ‘Gimme Gimme’ video


Dead Sara shared her new video “Gimme Gimme”, the latest single from their new album. Ain’t it tragic.

The video, directed by Keene McRae, features a rousing performance of the group as they hang out on the beach.

Watch the video below.

Ain’t it tragic is out now.

Talking with GENRE EST MORT! of the album’s new sound direction, singer Emily Armstrong said:

“About three years ago we started to move more in that direction to play what we hear and what we like instead of saying oh no we can’t go because our first two albums weren’t not like this. No, we should do what we want to do. It wasn’t necessarily like we were trying to do it. Little by little, he gained confidence. Let’s not talk about it. It became our attitude, and then the songs started to come out with these ideas. It inspired us a lot and made things more fun for us. We wanted it to be fun. We wanted to love him as much as possible and that’s what happened.

Dead Sara recently wrapped up her fall tour. The group is currently booked to play Welcome To Rockville next month alongside Metallica, The Offspring, Rob Zombie, Disturbed and more. See the full lineup and get tickets here.


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