Diablo 4 Quarterly Update Reveals Over 150 Dungeons


Diablo 4 developer and publisher Blizzard Entertainment revealed in the game’s latest quarterly update that it will feature over 150 dungeons.

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Blizzard Entertainment released a quarterly update for Diablo 4 revealing that the upcoming game will feature over 150 dungeons. Diablo 4 was one of several major games originally delayed to 2022, alongside the company’s other in-development title in the franchise, the upcoming mobile title Diablo Immortal. While Blizzard has since announced that Diablo Immortal is slated for release later this year, the company has also since confirmed that Diablo 4 won’t be released in 2022. Fans may even have to wait until 2024 to play the next major installment of the series.


Although Blizzard has always been known to take its time developing its games, the delay in Diablo 4The development of can be mostly attributed to both the still-ongoing pandemic as well as the controversies the studio has been dealing with since the middle of last year. Still, fans of the franchise were frustrated with the initial delays to Diablo 4 and hoped that a release date could be announced for 2023. As a result, gamers spent months figuring out how to pass the time until Diablo 4 out pending news of the next episode.

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In a new blog post, Blizzard Entertainment revealed that Diablo 4 will be able to support more than 150 dungeons. According to Diablo 4 Lead Dungeon Designer Brian Fletcher, while the upcoming game will still feature randomized content in its dungeons, the studio has added new features that allow it to support over 150 of them. To achieve this, Blizzard had to make its environmental assets more flexible so that they could be reused across multiple dungeons. These tile sets are combined with props, lighting, and other elements to achieve dungeons that still look varied while being procedurally generated.

The new approach to dungeons is one of the many new features that Blizzard is adding to Diablo 4. In another quarterly update released last year, the studio also revealed Diablo 4, which will not only allow players to choose their character’s gender, but also customize their character’s features such as hairstyle, facial hair, eyebrows, nose and ear piercings, makeup, tattoos, their body paint, etc. In addition to cosmetic armor pieces, armor dyes, and transmogrification, Diablo 4 will allow for much more character customization than before.

Having over 150 dungeons to explore in Sanctuary is definitely an exciting prospect, especially for longtime fans of the series. And how Blizzard tries to achieve this is certainly interesting. With a bit of luck, Diablo 4The development of continues smoothly so that it can finally be published.

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Source: Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo/YouTube


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