‘Disappointment Blvd’ Actor Says Ari Aster ‘Created Her Own Kind Of Movie’


Last month, we were crushed to learn that Ari Aster’s “Disappointment Blvd” wasn’t going to be released until next year. It’s a movie that even the actors who worked on it can’t adequately describe.

What exactly did Ari Aster create here?

The film seems unique, dreamy, surreal and inexplicable. Oh, and it stars the always fascinating Joaquin Phoenix, an actor whose unpredictability on and off screen has transformed him into one of the most important actors of the 21st century.

Actor Denis Ménochet promoted “As Bestas” in France and was interviewed in an interview on Aster’s “Disappointment Blvd”, for which he stars in:

“When Ari Aster calls, it’s already madness. Aster saw me in “Custody” and wanted me to be in his film. I can’t tell you about the film, it would be a shame if you weren’t as surprised as I was. Aster is a conductor who knows all the music in the world. He has a very impressive ability to consider things, even in the smallest details. With his cinematographer Pawel Pogorzelski, he makes shots that mix horror films from the late 70s and 80s with very modern elements. Sometimes the whole team has stopped working to look at the plans because, and it triggers something wonderful in you… I’ve never seen that before. Really, this movie is on a whole other level than I’ve ever seen before. And I’ve never seen so many enthusiastic people following a young man, who just turned 35, on his third film.”

In another interview, Ménochet goes on to praise Aster and his film:

“Ari Aster is creating his own cinematic genre. I was beyond impressed on set. Also because there was Joaquin Phoenix in a role like we had never seen him play before. Ari was creating these amazing shots with his cinematographer, he used old techniques from the 1980s, but it was also very modern, in a completely crazy setting. It was a huge fucking fucking shoot.”

Please inject this film straight into my veins as soon as possible. We already know that Aster won’t be releasing “Disappointment Blvd” this year, a 2023 arc, possibly at Cannes, is very likely for this beast of a movie.

The film is said to be a dark nightmarish comedy about a son, his mother, and guilt. Phoenix’s character embarks on a Kafka-style journey after learning of her mother’s death. During this tumultuous time, he learns of his mother’s unusual death and makes an alarming discovery about her past. I hear that the film also contains supernatural elements.


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