Discord updates Android app to roll out new features with iOS

Discord’s product team updated the blog post to announce that the company has revamped its android application. The new update will help Android users to receive new features along with iOS and desktop. Previously, Android Discord users get new features months after they’re announced on iOS. According to a report by The Verge, the recent Server Profiles The feature was also available for iOS users long before it came to Android users.
The blog post explains that previous work on implementing new features on Android was usually delayed before its desktop and iOS rollout was complete. This resulted in some features being first released on one platform before eventually arriving on another. However, this new update should stop showing “coming soon to Android” messages for future Discord features, according to the report.
New Android Discord app availablity
Discord started rolling out the latest Android app update. Users will be able to see changes in the underlying codebase over the next few weeks. Discord has decided to switch to react native for its Android app.

What is React Native and how will it help users
React Native is an open source UI software framework created by Meta which can be used to develop applications for multiple platforms. According to the report, React Native is widely used in several popular mobile apps, including — instagramMicrosoft Outlook, Shopify, You’re here and Pinterest among others. Discord started using this framework for its iOS app since Meta opened it in 2015, the report mentions. The report also claims that
This change will allow the company to release new features on all platforms simultaneously. Additionally, Discord’s design on Android will look more like that found in desktop or iOS versions, the report suggests. The Android Discord app will retain some specific customizations, however, the designs and font size will be aligned with the iOS app.

Discord explained that React Native allowed the company to “streamline and consolidate” its processes, which helped its engineers “work more efficiently and release updates more frequently.” Now, the team won’t need to spend a lot of time maintaining “different codebases for different devices,” the report says.


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