Epic Games Store now offers a cart to buy multiple things at once



The Epic Games Store has been online for three years, and finally, it now has a shopping cart. Epic Games is celebrating the release with lots of inward-looking jokes. There is a new blog post and even a short trailer attached to the function.

As you might expect, the shopping cart finally allows customers to purchase more than one item at a time for added convenience, be it games or DLC, without having to go through the process for each purchase like previously.

Here’s a quick rundown provided by Epic on the new feature and its capabilities:

  • Review all items currently in the cart with prices in local currencies (see supported currencies)
  • Select preferred payment option (including Epic Wallet in US and Canada)
  • The list of regional payment processors can be found here
  • Enter a Support-a-Creator to donate 5% (Epic funded base rate) or more of your purchase price to a creator of your choice, creator codes now work on all qualifying cart items
  • Finally, confirm the purchase and complete the transaction

The basket arrives shortly after the official integration of achievements has arrived at the storefront and launcher. Remember that her weekly giveaways are still active, the last giveaways being the fall of god and Prison architect, with a series of special daily free games slated for release next week.



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