Every time I die, I broke


A few months after the release of his new album Radical, Every Time I Die have announced their split.

Andy Williams, Jordan Buckley, Stephen Micciche and Clayton ‘Goose’ Holyoak revealed that they played their last gig on December 11.

“Andy, Jordan, Steve and Goose’s last show with Every Time I Die was December 11, 2021,” the members state. “While we were hoping to reach an agreed legal statement outlining the truth, we were made aware today of something not mutually agreed upon for release, which consists of inaccuracies and controls a narrative for the benefit of each.

“There has been no direct communication with Keith as it is either impossible to communicate directly with him or we have been cut off from all communication by himself.”

Vocalist Keith Buckley, now the only remaining member, then uploaded a document dated December 20 which states that he must “immediately cease and desist from any use of the band’s name, logo or any other intellectual property until there is a formal signed separation agreement between the parties that allows you to do this.

Read their full statements below.

At this point, the band’s social media accounts have been deactivated.


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