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Lots of talk lately in the city about politics and medicine. We want to divide society to protect our family and loved ones from these selfish anti-covid who recklessly avoid the reality of this costly pandemic. I understand, I’ve been crazy for two years. But you know, there is another kind of plague rat that causes permanent damage to the heart, causes PTSD, and fills the lungs with grief. CHEAT SHITBAGS! NO RACKATEERS RESPONSE! Most of you don’t have to face the reality of digging into the “sex positive BUT communication hesitant” wilderness that is modern dating. Evolved ethical non-monagamy needs that ethical part, um, mr. straight abusing queer ideology to justify being a # @ $%, you know it’s about camps, improving civilized society, but I bet your schindler’s list says “guy who lied while giving me chlamydia ”is clear, a hero even, just because he is vaxxed. Upper civil society, hmmmm… At least my covid breakthrough was temporary and, most importantly, the person who gave it to me told me where it came from! Where was the “check your papers” police then?

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