Forza Horizon 5 will add sign language features to aid accessibility


Inclusivity and play

Gambling is a hobby for everyone. With hundreds of millions of gamers around the world with some kind of disability, it’s critical that developers keep accessibility at the center of game design. Today, Developer Playground Games announced that it will include new sign language features in the game in March. A blog post, on Microsoft’s website, provides more details on the sign language features and how the game implements them. Equally important, the post is about the deaf and hard of hearing people who brought these features to life.

“Games demand things from you in order to experience them. And when you do that, then there will be players finding different things, different levels of challenge. Says Mike Brown, Creative Director of Forza Horizon 5, in the post. “I think we’re going to keep pushing and keep solving these issues for people for a long, long time.”

Features that come with the update include cast members from the deaf and hard of hearing community signing multiple parts of the game. Over 300 scenes employ the cast in story parts, challenges, preparing for a race, meet other players, etc. Of course, the update introducing ASL and BSL to the game is coming on March 1.

Additionally, fans can see examples of how these features look in-game. Short cinematic clips allow players to see how PlayGround implements ASL/BSL features.

“It really sets a precedent; it sets the bar. It’s kind of like new territory because if a company like Playground can do it, why can’t other big studios do the same? » Says Cameron Akitt, a hearing impaired sign language consultant at PlayGround Games, in the post.

The free update, including sign language features, will be released on March 1, 2022 for Forza Horizon 5 owners.

SOURCE: press release


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