Gene Hoglan Reveals New Music And New Dethklok Movie In The Works


Last year, Adult Swim announced that it had greenlighted an original film for Metalocalypse, but little has been heard of the project since. Fortunately, Gene Hoglan, formerly of Testament, gave some updates during a recent interview.

During a Cameo interview conducted by Sobre La Dosis podcast host Jonathan Montenegro, Hoglan revealed what he’s been working on since leaving Testament and talked about his involvement in future Dethklok releases.

“One of the biggest projects that’s also looming directly is Dethklok working on a movie,” the drummer said. “So it will imply a definite intention on my part. You know, I’m deeply involved in this, so we’re working on the next album, the soundtrack – well, the movie doesn’t really have a soundtrack – but we’re gonna get the movie, we’re gonna get the album for Dethklok, and I’m also imagining a tour.

During the interview, Hoglan also revealed that he was writing a new Dark Angel album and preparing for a show with the band while working on a new project with his wife Laura Christine.

“It’s the most metallic thing I do. My drumming is just crazy,” adding how proud he is of this project. Watch the full interview below.

As for Dethklok, their latest album, Dethalbum IIIcame out in 2012. Fingers crossed we hear more from anime metalheads soon.


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