Google Chat on the web takes over one of Slack’s best features


Source: Jay Bonggolto / Android Central

Google is finally rolling out support for the rich text option to chat on the web, allowing users to format their text to suit the situation.

The new text formatting feature, while long overdue, is expected to arrive on Chat within the next 15 days, Google said in a blog post. It gives you the option to bold, italicize or underline the text of your messages. You can also add these formats using the corresponding keyboard shortcuts on most top laptops. There is also an option to change the text color and add bullets.

You can access the different formatting options by highlighting the text you want to format, then clicking on a small “A” icon in the compose bar. When the feature goes live, it’s enabled by default, so neither admins nor end users need take action.

Prior to this update, Chat users had to settle for plain text or demarcated formatting to emphasize a particular point. This involves placing asterisks before and after the text you want to bold or underscores to italicize texts. The new method gets rid of these inconvenient tricks.

Rich text formatting started rolling out on January 20, so it may not be available to everyone right away. When it does, it will be available to all Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business customers.

The feature’s arrival on Google Chat is a bit late, given that competitors such as Microsoft Teams and Slack have supported rich text for some time. Still, it’s a welcome addition that should improve your web chat editing experience.


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