Google is rolling out features for content categorization and content protection at scale with Google Drive Labels


Automated classification with Google Workspace’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and label-based sharing restrictions are no longer in beta and are generally available to Workspace users, Google announced today.

These features were released in beta last year to help users “categorize content and improve content protection at scale,” along with Google Drive labels. Drive labels were made generally available in December of last year.

With the latest rollout, a new Admin console setting can now automatically apply up to five labels to all new files created by users or to all newly created files belonging to specific parts of their organization.

End users will see a message prompting them to complete required fields in the Label Manager, until the field is completed.

“Automated classification can help organizations automatically add Drive labels to content based on administrator-defined DLP rules and predefined content detectors,” Google explained in a blog post.

“DLP administrators can also configure rules that display a warning to users whenever they attempt to share a file labeled ‘Internal’, as well as rules that block external sharing or prevent downloads and printing for all ‘confidential’ files,” he said.

Additionally, administrators will also have the ability to allow end users to modify the labels applied by DLP for more flexibility for their organization.

Users can automatically apply tags to new files. When used with required fields in the Label Manager, they can force users to categorize their newly created Drive files, helping to increase classification and data protection.

“Tags in Drive can also be automatically added to files with automated classification based on admin-defined DLP rules and predefined content detectors. This automated classification can help extend classification and data protection efforts by reducing the administrative burden and potential errors associated with manual labels,” he said.

The feature will be “Disabled” by default and can be enabled at domain, OU and group level by administrators. Before they can use this feature, they must enable Drive labels for their organization and publish at least one label in the Label Manager.

Access controls for each label can be managed at the user, group, and organization level. There is no end user setting for the feature.

The feature will be available for Google Workspace Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Plus, and nonprofit organizations. It will not be available to Business Starter, Education Fundamentals, and Frontline customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers.

Published on

January 29, 2022


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