Google One VPN comes to iOS, adds new features


Google has started rolling out the Google One VPN service for iOS users. Similar to Android, the VPN will be available to Google One Premium Plan members, who have subscribed to 2TB and above plans. Members can also share their plan and VPN with up to five family members at no additional cost, regardless of the operating system they use.

Google has added 10 more countries to the list of locations, where it offers Google One VPN. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland are the newcomers. In a blog post, Google also promises to expand the VPN offer to other countries.

New features of Google One VPN

Along with rolling out the VPN, Google has also added a few features to make it more secure. The user has a secure disconnect feature that will allow them to use the internet only when the VPN is enabled. The app bypass feature will allow selected apps to use a standard connection instead of a VPN. The new snooze feature is to temporarily disable the VPN. Google has hinted that it will add more features in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the tech giant said there are advanced security features in Google VPN to provide an extra layer of online protection. Google One VPN’s end-to-end systems are audited by NCC Group in 2021 and the group released a publicly available report. Google One VPN is also certified by the Internet of Secure Things Alliance (ioXt) and adheres to ioXt’s eight security principles, according to Google.

For those new to the concept of Virtual Private Network aka VPN, browsers and apps have the ability to transfer sensitive information across the internet when you use them to search for information. Some websites/apps may not be secure or unencrypted. This means that hackers can easily access the transferred data on such unsecured websites or apps, thereby jeopardizing security and privacy. With the VPN, data will be transferred through an encrypted path, providing no opportunity for hackers to access your information.

How Google One VPN Works

When you use Google One VPN, it assigns you an IP address based on your location. Therefore, websites can offer you information based on your location. However, they cannot detect your exact location as a city.


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