Harry Giles Blog Entry: Recruitment Update



In Harry Giles’ latest blog post, he talks about his AAU season and how the recruiting process went. Giles has also indicated that he could announce his collegiate decision before the start of his senior season. What did he have to say about his best schools?

On Wake Forest

With Wake Forest, Coach Manning explained how my coming there could change the whole city. It was almost as if they were going to make me the mayor of the city! I thought this whole presentation was cool and I like it because we are about the same height and we played the same position. I really have a lot of respect for him because of it.

I’m most definitely a fan of Manning’s recruiting talk to Giles, and I think it’s absolutely true. If he goes to Duke or Kentucky, he will be just another in a long line of products made by these basketball factories. If he comes to Wake, then he will be loved by Wake fans forever. Fans still adore CP3, who only attended school for two years. Manning being a former NBA No.1 pick may also help Giles reach his goal. He can’t say he coached a No.1 draft pick like Coach Cal or Coach K, but neither can they say they were alone.

It goes without saying that Wake Giles’ landing would have a profound impact on Wake’s agenda and Danny Manning’s tenure. Giles’ landing means more to Wake than it does to any other school that recruits him. Giles instantly makes Wake a legitimate competitor and brings the Deacs back onto the national stage. If Duke or Kentucky miss it, they’ll go and land another great player, but not as good as Giles. If he really wants to go where he will have the most impact on a team, a program and a city, then he will go to Wake Forest.

on the duke

The Duke at home was really cool because they are the champions! I was excited about them coming and it was definitely a 10 out of 10. They talked about winning the title and how they would use me to get another one.

Although Giles has only officially released a Top 8, it seems clear that Wake Forest, Duke, Kentucky and North Carolina are the four favorites to land the coveted prospect. If I handicap him even more, then I guess it comes down to Wake Forest and Duke. He tends to have very positive things to say about Duke, and it doesn’t help Wake that Duke just won the national title.

Please stay tuned to Blogger So Dear for the latest news on Wake Forest basketball recruiting. What do you think of Wake’s pitch to Giles?



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