Ian Sweet at the 7th Street entrance, Minneapolis (August 06, 2022)


Los Angeles’ Ian Sweet (Jilian Medford) headlined 7th Street Entry on Saturday, August 6. The show was originally scheduled for February 18, 2022, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, it was moved to August 6.

Opening the show was the Chicago quartet bnny, which started with just a quiet solo song from vocalist Jess Viscius. Shortly after that song ended, the rest of her band, which includes her twin sister Alexa Viscius, as well as Tim Makowski and Matt Pelkey, joined Jess on stage. Laughing, she said, “It was the most rock ‘n roll thing I’ve ever done.”

The band (and their first album All) was created to honor and process the death of Jess’ partner. So many of their songs are somewhat depressing and emotional.

Their latest single, “I’m Just Fine”, is about “the feeling of time slowly passing by when you miss someone. It’s about trying to deny you’re heartbroken in order to protect yourself. .

The highlight of their set was their drummer, Spud’s 60th birthday.

Ian Sweet is joined on stage by Jessie B on bass and Nate on drums (no, not that Nate on drums).

Despite what Ian Sweet told us on stage, this was Sweet’s fourth time in Minneapolis (she mentioned that she’s been on stage three times). She might be right, she might have canceled an appearance… but according to our W♥M records, this was her fourth time here: The first, May 31, 2017 with girls pool and Postal mail at the 7th Street entrance. The second with Ted Leo and the pharmacists on November 11, 2017. The Third headlined at 7th Street Entry on October 29, 2018.

To be honest, Sweet has always had a bad memory, as we witnessed in 2018, “They’re [Ian Sweet] already familiar with the [Minneapolis] town, but they may have a very short-term memory of it. The band leader, vocalist, guitarist Jilian Medford even joked about it, after playing “You Confuse Me”, she said that someone asked her where they played last night and it took her more than three minutes to remember. She actually didn’t say where they played (which tells me she didn’t really remember!), but it was at O’Leavers in Omaha.

set list

Look, I get it, when you’re on stage there’s a million things going on in your mind, not the least of which is remembering things. She said audiences expect her to be a comedian too, especially when she’s focused on tuning her guitar or the next song to come. It’s hard, but that’s what she always wanted to do: entertain people with her songs. She hopes that one day she could do this as a full time job…because right now she still has a day job (which is currently music supervisor for movie trailers).

There were some new songs from his new album Show me how you disappear on its set, including “Dumb Driver”, “Get Better”, and closer set, “Sword”.

The song Encore was a “soft” version of cold playis “Yellow”.


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