Instagram closes its Threads messaging app, with new features coming to the main app



Facebook-owned Social Media App (Meta) Instagram’s standalone messaging app called Threads is in the process of shutting down, with support ending in late December 2021.

This information comes to us via TechCrunch, with the company providing official confirmation to the post after several reports circling social media about the shutdown.

The company plans to alert current users of the platform with an in-app notice starting November 23, which will ask them to come back to Instagram to message their friends and colleagues.

Why is Instagram closing threads?

It comes as the app tried and failed to mainstream, with Instagram choosing to provide small updates and pay very little attention to the app instead of fixing the experience.

A new update came earlier, with Instagram trying to make it easier for users to switch between stories, cameras, and other parts of their friends’ experience, but it still didn’t perform as well as required. .

Alesssandro Paluzzi first spotted this decision to shut down the app, after which the news was written by other blogs. But Instagram hasn’t confirmed the same until recently.

The company has now told TechCrunch that its decision came from the fact that the platform’s key features, such as automatic captions and status, are already available on Instagram, with the company also believing it is best to focus. on one messaging service in the main app instead of having two apps.

What else do we know about this decision?

Instagram feeds-2

“We know people care about connecting with their close friends, and we’ve seen this especially over the past few years with the growth of messaging on Instagram. We’re now focusing our efforts on improving the way which you connect with close friends on the social media site and on the app depreciation Threads, ”an Instagram spokesperson told TechCrunch.

“We’re bringing the fun and unique features we had on Threads to the main Instagram app, and continue to create ways for people to better connect with their close friends on Instagram. We hope this will make it easier for people to have all of these features and capabilities in the main app, ”they added.

Instagram adds that it will be releasing several new messaging features to mainstream Instagram in the coming months, with users on iOS and Android set to receive notifications from November 23 alerting them to the end of Threads. The Help Center will also explain this rather sudden decision.



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