Introducing The Ultimate Genre Guide For Shoegaze


On the Rollercoaster tour in early 1992, it seemed as if Damon albarn couldn’t pass My dear love, he was going to try to get over it. Or maybe under. Such was his athleticism as Fall out presented their opening game of post-Baggy, pop-psychedelia, it seemed that while the Jesus and Mary chain, and Dinosaur Jr were there as musical diversions, Fall out were partly there for the sport.

That night, like others on the tour, spell was drawn as to the order of the bill – depending on the name of the tour, a band can soar to dizzying heights one night, only to collapse from alarmingly the following. Another touring tradition that had filtered down to the public concerned the sound system, an issue in which Fall out do not appear to have been consulted. Instead, the more sound-conscious and established names on the bill (CMAJ and My dear love) would have reached a peaceful agreement on the arrangements.

Peaceful agreement, as the holocaust section of You made me realize enters its tenth minute – I imagine the tenth, my watch seems to have stopped – is however far from the state we are in. Apparently CMAJ suggested that the AP should be great. My dear love retorted that he must also be smart. As the strobes fire and the noise transforms what is left of the crowd into a psychedelic submission – the revelation emerging is that something is not destroyed here, but beautifully created – you have to suggest that they have them. good tools for the job.

As you will read in this last one Uncut special, here to mark the 30th anniversary of MBV masterpiece without love album, among other Shoegaze cues from 1991, this state between song and abstraction was a place where many of our star bands from that period took up residence. We pay homage to the ancestors – the architects, perhaps – of the stage, namely CMAJ, Cocteau twins, Space 3 and MBV.

We also celebrate with deep writing and an entertaining archive the flagship of the “celebrating scene”, which made Shoegaze (or “Shoegazing” as we then called it) what it was: Pale saints, Lush, Slowdive, momentum, Stroll, and Chapter. We swim in the depths of the best albums, EPs and ephemera. We covered Shoegaze’s ongoing revival in a playlist curated by Sonic Cathedral supremo. Nat Cramp, and asked Legends of the Eyes to make us a tape of what they were listening to as they rose to fame in the late 1980s. A particularly great honor is to have reconnected with Lord Tarquin, once NME ‘s Boswell from the scene in the scene. He is now taking a trip down memory lane on the changes brought about by the years.

Overall we are really very happy with what we have offered here. If anyone likes it, like musicians said 30 years ago, that’s a bonus.

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