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My daughter just got married. The wedding and reception took place at our farm, my childhood home, which holds fond memories for all of us. My children pretty much grew up there too, with their grandparents.

We all worked diligently the night before the wedding. Friends and family arrived to set up tables and chairs and put the finishing touches on the decor. After the rehearsal dinner and everyone was gone, my daughters and my grandchild and I settled in. It was supposed to be a girls’ night out.

How strange and wonderful to have them under the roof again, if only for a moment. How even stranger and more wonderful to have the little one here. Life is moving at an alarming rate. It’s hard to follow.

I learn that the weird and the wonderful can exist together.

Perhaps a better way to express the sentiment is to simply say, weirdly wonderful. Odd can be defined as “different from the usual” and wonderful is described as “inspiring pleasure” and “extremely good”.

So to describe the wedding weekend, it would be accurate to say it was oddly wonderful. The festivities, the people, the laughter, the food, the fun and even the tears of joy were extremely good and different from the usual.

One of my favorite weirdly wonderful moments of the day was making the bride a snack of toast and butter. It’s one of his favorites.

I glanced over at her and through misty eyes I saw her sitting on my couch, in her wedding dress, munching on toast. I was thrilled and confused.

She’s marrying her love today, but wasn’t she five years old last week? It was a strangely wonderful moment.

Another favorite part was hearing the gospel message woven into the wedding ceremony. Jesus was torn and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

The pastor also married my eldest daughter a few years ago. His message was clear then too. Jesus must be the foundation of marriage. Look for it first. Seek it in everything.

Have you ever heard of Jesus as a wonderful Savior? Have you ever considered the strangeness of God to have Jesus among us here as a humble and helpless child in order to save us all?

It’s all very strangely wonderful. Jesus is strangely wonderful.

And it’s no small thing considering how transformative the power of the gospel is. Since God’s love for us is very different from the usual, he sent his Son to pay our debt so that we can be freed from our debts when we face him in eternity. How exceedingly good it is for us to accept this ransom by faith and to believe.

The wedding weekend ended much like it began, with beauty and admiration, helping hands, sweat and smiles, and many well wishes. As my daughter and her new husband begin their new life together, I wish them well as well. Most importantly, I wish them strangely wonderful times with Jesus as they serve and love Him together. They both have big hearts and adventurous spirits. They are a good match and God will use them accordingly.

One last crush from the wedding day…

The moment of unity during the ceremony was oddly wonderful. I saw a lit candle, sifted sand and even a science experiment to illustrate the union of two lives.

My daughter and her husband made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and had a small snack during the ceremony. They go together like PB&J. I like to think of it like this: my daughter brings Passion, my son-in-law brings Balance, and Jesus holds them together.

How very strangely wonderful.

Visit Julie on her website and blog at She is also on Facebook and Instagram.

Visit Julie on her website and blog at She is also on Facebook and Instagram.


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