Jack White to release two albums in 2022


Guitar virtuoso Jack White will be releasing not one, but two albums next year.

Fear of dawn, will be released on April 8. The second, Enter living paradise, will follow on July 22. Each album is separated by its different themes, inspirations and moods.

In addition to the announcement, White also released the music video for “Taking Me Back” co-directed by White and Lauren Dunn. Watch the video below.

Pre-order copies of Fear of dawn and Enter living paradise here.

In September, White gave a surprise concert in London to celebrate the opening of Third Man Records’ new store and studio. The appearance marked her first full public concert in over two years.

Fear of dawn Masterpieces:

Fear of dawn List of tracks:

01. Take me back
02. Fear of dawn
03. The White Crow
04. Hi-De-Ho (feat. Q-Tip)
05. Eosophobia
06. In the twilight
07. Twilight
08. What’s the trick?
09. It was then (it is now)
10. Eosophobia (Recovery)
11. Morning, noon and evening
12. Throw away my velvet

Enter living paradise Masterpieces:

Enter living paradise List of tracks:

01. A tip from you to me
02. All along the way
03. Help me
04. Love is selfish
05. I surround you (with my love)
06. Queen Bee
07. A burning tree from within
08. If I die tomorrow
09. Please God don’t tell anyone
10. A maniac of Manhattan
11. Take me back (slowly)


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