Jimmy Eat World releases new song “Something Loud”


Jimmy Eat World has shared their new single “Something Loud” along with its accompanying video co-directed by the band and Austin Gavin.

Produced by the band and Justin Meldel-Johnson, the song was inspired by the overwhelming response to the When We Were Young festival. The excitement over the announcement prompted frontman Jim Adkins to make a professional and personal reflection:

“While I thought I made the most of the early days of the band, I now realize that I missed some things,” Adkins explains. “You’re in such a rush to get out of those great years. Like shit together is gonna magically happen when you reach an age you thought you were “adult”. Yeah, it doesn’t work that way. But perhaps age and experience reveal that pivotal moments are hard to capture when you’re there.

The best you can do is try to be as present as possible all the time. It also means being aware when you are lost by reliving your memory of the past. Are you intentional, collecting data for your present? Or are you just running away to hide from your present? »

Listen to the song below.

Jimmy Eat World is preparing to embark on its European tour, which will begin on June 17 in Luxembourg. The band will kick off their North American tour with Charly Bliss in August. Check out all their dates here.


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