Jordana at 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis (June 10, 2022)


Jordana Nye, or billed by her stage name Jordanaheadlined the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis on Friday night, June 10.

Opening the show was Harrison Li, a 22-year-old Chinese-Vietnamese-American singer based in New York City, under his stage name. Harry Tear. It’s his first time in Minneapolis, and he seemed to really dig the city.

Based on their live set, which contains high energy with brief interludes of calm. You can tell they’re getting more punk/pop from Blink-182but the focus is on guitar bands like Shots.

The band played several tracks from their debut EP 1000 backyard poolslike “Strawberry” and “Soft Serve”.

Harry Teardrop’s latest single, $2 billwhich was inspired by the “$2 Bill” concert The Strokes played on MTV in 2002, featured double singles “Riley” and “Above Or Below”…both were played at the start of their set.

You got the sense that Teardrop seemed to be enjoying it here and planning to return to the area. A piece of advice, do not come in winter!

Also, wide-eyed and in Minneapolis for the first time was 21 Jordana…which is also heavily influenced by The Strokes (but we’ll get to that a bit later). Jordana has been in the music industry since she was 18, when she released Classic notions of happiness, which got him signed with the Grand Jury label. The label reissued the album in 2020. Since then, Jordana has been busy working with TV Girl and releasing her new single “Catch My Drift”…which eventually led her to the latest album. In front of the wall (released in May 2022).

Jordana is joined on stage by guitarist/sometimes keyboardist Hayden, guitarist Sagiv Rosenstock and drummer Blake. Working at the merchandising table was Jordana’s aunt, Barbie.

The band was plagued with technical difficulties at the start of the set, when Jordana’s distortion pedal pump was not working. They may have had to drop a song from their set, I know “F*** You” didn’t play.

Looking through her setlist, you can tell she’s heavily involved with her recent collaboration with tv girlplaying four songs from their EP Summer is finished.

Shots the cover was “Hard to Explain”, followed by the last song on the In front of the wall “Why” album… with its lucky charm gummy on the microphone stand.

There was no encore, but the band left Jordana, where she closed the show with a cover of cold play“Sparks”.

Jordana’s latest album In front of the wall is now available on Grand Jury.


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